Warranty Policy

Wishaladin prioritizes the safety and security of customers through various warranty facilities such as Brand Warranty, Service Warranty.
All these warranty facilities give you limited warranty rights from Wishaladin, or the manufacturer company, or the brand, for the duration specified on the product description page. The Limited Warranty Time Period starts on the date of purchase from Wishaladin. The limited warranty applies to the physical product, and only for physical products, purchased from Wishaladin.

How do I know if my product has a warranty?

If a warranty is offered on a product, the warranty period will be displayed on the product page, to the right of the product image. If a product is sold by multiple vendors, the warranty period offered by each vendor will be displayed to the right of the product image.

Types of Warranties:

1.Brand Warranty: This limited warranty will apply to the products. For product defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, Brand will provide free of charge repair and/or replacement services within the warranty period. Wishaladin will not take any responsibility for the after-sale services.

2.Service warranty: Wishaladin will take the responsibility to get the product serviced from the vendor or the customer may visit the vendor directly as well with the invoice paper to claim the warranty. Please note if any part of the product needs to be replaced for repair under this warranty policy, the customer will have to pay for that part.

How will I Get Warranty if I live Outside Dhaka?

If you live outside Dhaka, you can send your product via Courier Service. After receiving your product, it will take 10-30 working days, depending on the product and its category, to ensure the servicing of your product and its delivery back to you.

Do I need to pay for repairs?

If your product is within the warranty duration and is damaged by mechanical or electrical systems, you don’t have to worry about the repairing cost. You will be covered.

If your product is past the warranty duration or is physically damaged, you will be responsible for the repair cost. We suggest you to repair the product at the service center authorized by the manufacturer (the warranty center on your warranty card) for better quality services.

This warranty does not cover the following:
  1. Cosmetic damages such as scratches, nicks, stains and dents.
  2. Consumable parts such as batteries, or accessories such as remote unless product damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  3. Damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not an authorized service provider of Wishaladin.
  4. Damage to a product that has been modified or altered before submitting any complaint to Wishaladin.
  5. Modification or service by anyone other than warranted seller/brand/manufacturer.
  6. Failure or damage resulting from negligence, misuse, abuse, accident, modification, power surges, improper maintenance, unsuitable physical or operating environment, water (in excess of specifications), flood, fire, natural disasters, or other acts of nature or external causes.
  7. Damage due to not using the product according to the product information materials or user guides.
  8. Products or parts with an altered identification label or from which the identification label has been removed.
  9. If any customer get servicing done by any unauthorized third-party service provider, then the service warranty will become void even if the duration has not yet expired.


*** All products and brands listed under a particular category may not have the same warranty policy. It depends on particular the Brands/Manufacturers/Sellers’ warranty policy. Brand & Manufacturer warranty varies from product to product, brand to brand, manufacturer to manufacturer.

*** In case of Official/Brand/Manufacturer warranty, please review their product warranty policy carefully, and you may contact the brand/manufacturer if you have any queries regarding this.

*** Some promotions may or may not follow this policy.

*** Wishaladin and its authorized persons have full authority to bring changes in any service warranty policies.

*** Terms of service and warranty may change with or without prior notice, consumers are responsible for keeping up with all policy changes.